I’m originally from County Leitrim and have worked in the IT sector in Belfast for many years, before emigrating to the Fermanagh Lake-lands.  I began writing to get the nonsense out of my head.  I write poetry, short stories, personal essays and radio plays.  I’m currently writing the longest short story ever, I wonder will it turn into a novel?

If you want to know more, I’m always twittering.

Every so often I take a flitter and release the odd piece of writing into the wild.

Publications and Radio

My work has appeared in:-

  • The Leitrim Guardian 2014 and 2017
  • I’ve read my stories for the “Reflection” piece on BBC Radio Ulster’s “Time of our Lives” 2016.
  • Poetry In Motion’s “New Belfast Poetry Map” Anthology
  • Poetry In Motion’s “Making Memories” Anthology
  • The Fermanagh Writer’s “Tails of the Unexpected” Anthology
  • The Galway Review (online edition)
  • Spark Magazine
  • Ireland’s Own
  • The Leitrim Guardian 2017 ‘Literary Award for Poetry’.  My poem ‘Whellow’ was awarded 1st place.
  • Bursary for the John Hewitt International Summer School this year (2016).
    This was an amazing experience.  It’s fitting that my first blog post is about surviving those six days.
  • Long listed for the “Over the Edge New Writer of the Year” awards in 2013




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