I’m a Leitrim lass who moved to Northern Ireland to study and was charmed into staying by a Belfast biker.  We have settled ourselves into a small cabin near the lake shore and try to keep the noise down in our bee loud glade.

I write poetry, short stories and memoir to clear my head of shenanigans.  I also have a couple of plays and a novella hiding in the wings.

I started this blog as an experiment in 2016.  My dog had much more to say than I had.   As a result the blog has been neglected because I realise that the creatures that keep me company are much more fun.

I used to be scared to release anything into the wild.  A stint at the John Hewitt International Summer school in 2016 made me realise that being a writer was not something to be afraid of.  It was there that I met some of the members of  Women Aloud Northern Ireland and joined their ranks on my return.  

These days, I throw finished work into the ether without a backwards glance.  Thankfully, all my babies have been re-homed with good people that only want the best for them.  

I am working on my first anthology of poetry.


If you want to keep an eye on what I’m up to, I’m on feckbook. I also twitter a lot.



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